You often hear " has such an interesting history and vibrant culture." The phase, or some other wording of it, has probably been applied to most every nation in the world.

Do you all interpret these sorts of statements as having any meaning? If so, aside from personal preference (which is absolutely fine!), can make the history and culture of so much more fascinating than that of others?

For example, I enjoy European history, particularly western and central Europen history, and not just because of the historical world-shaping influence Europe had on the modern world. I also find Japanese history interesting. I'm not as intrigued by South American history (though I do happen to speak Spanish). But I don't think I could make a case to others that they would absolutely find Japanese history more interesting than studying Mexican history. I just happen to prefer it, like I prefer the color blue to orange.

So, back to the question, are blanket statements identifying a country's history/culture as vibrant and interesting meaningless? AND IF NOT, what are the qualifications that distinguish


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