Hi everyone,

I've read a few posts on this subreddit about redditors interested in getting a degree in english. The majority of the advice seems to go against that, and i fully undsrstand why.

However, in my case, i'm studying a dual degree in commerce and arts. I'm considering majoring in marketing and english, and minoring in psychology. I don't have a plan yet, or an end goal, as i know it's extremely difficult to make a living as a writer, but marketing, while interesting definetly isn't my passion (apparently marketing is also quite difficult to get into).

I'm in my first term on uni, and am at the point where i can swap/drop degrees. I can either keep what i have now, or switch my arts component to a b.science degree, so that i can major in psychology instead of english.

While psychology is a lot more practical, i feel that if i don't give writing a go, i'll always wonder about what could have been. Unfortunatly i can't minor in english or even do any english units if i choose the commerce/science path.

Also, i live in Australia, so uni is very much financially accessible (we have quite a good government loan systen), so it isn't quite the same investment as it is in the US.

Since marketing is pretty hard to get into (i'm not interested in majoring in accounting, finance etc), psychology could strengthen my chances. But i've heard that english can also compliment marketing quite well.

But in a perfect world, i would be a writer or journalist. Since i do have marketing as a backup option, should i just give majoring in english a go?


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