I'm writing a fantasy story right now, and I'm planning it to be a long series, so they'll be charcter development over time and multiple arcs


Eliza is a gifted runaway girl from abusive parents. One day, she got transported to a fantasy world. She met with another main character. Gregory, a young man who was raised in a religious institution as a child and was suppressed of his ambition to become an adventurer and become a legend.he took an instant liking of her and together they form an adventuring party along with Silver Sonya and Andus Grenwood. They would go on adventures and doing quests and generally goofing around, there's somewhat comedic element in it but overall it's about fighting. Later on, the major villain will appear, the pontiff of a city that has isolated has been doing testings on citizen and is secretly plot to take over other kingdom and eventually the empire itself.

All the character in the party are best friends, but Eliza and Gregory are the people who were there from the start so they are closest to each other and because Gregory was the first person who enthusiastically became eliza's friend. She never really had any friend since childhood because she was held back by her strict and abusive family. So to her, gregory is like a world to her. Their are more like yin-yang of each other, they compliments each other in many aspects like style, personality, ideals, but at their core they're one and the same

I was planning for Eliza to develop a romantic feeling for him later on in the story (my story is a series so it's gonna be a long time). But I'm not sure if it's appropriate or not because I have come to build them to be friends

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