So as you know there are 3 different POVs in writing: first person, second person, and third person. In each POV there is a camera, In third person the camera is off in the distance and shows the story from multiple perspectives, for first person the camera is solely on one character, and second person, you are the camera.

Part of the reason I love writing in first person is because I find it really easy to get into my character's shoes, or rather I picture myself as the character. When I'm describing a scene, I as the writer am not describing what I see, but rather, what the character sees.

For example, lets say my character is an assassin, and my character walks into a room. Now I can simply describe the room as "there was a table at the center and a door on the far end." but I don't. Instead I put myself in the assassin's shoes and write "I entered the dimly lit room, a metal chandelier dangled from the ceiling by a metal chord. Resting at the center of the room, is a table, and beneath it a void of darkness. On the table itself were a series of candlesticks, and plates with silverware. In the far corners of the room, shadows enveloped the edges. Staring back at me on the far side of the room is a door, most likely unlocked." because I see this assassin as someone who would know the exact layout of a room and optimize his sneaking strategy.

I feel like I might be alone in this department, or I might not. For some reason, I just find it really easy to immerse myself in the characters I create, and describe the world through their eyes instead of my own. Another example would be the character themselves. If it's a woman describing another woman, she might see the other woman as "plain" or "Ugly" from her POV, whereas she might describe a guy as "Handsome" or "Charming." Same goes for a guy, he might describe other women as "Beautiful" "petite" or "Cute" and see other guys as "Normal" "Punchable" or "Ugly" from his POV.

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I think part of the reason it's so easy for me to Immerse myself in my character's shoes is because I play a lot of D&D, and as both a Player and DM I feel like that has influenced my writing and world building. Or maybe it's because I'm much more of a right brain thinker then a left brain thinker.

Does anyone else ever write like they were in their character's shoes, or just me?

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