I'm just really divided here. I don't know which course to take: a writing course or a course in the video game industry. I equally love both, because I'd still pretty much want to be in the creative team of the video game industry and I want to write novels. Thing is, I feel like studying a Computer Science course so I can get a job in the video game industry feels a lot more rational for me. I love writing but I feel like there are so few jobs that offer good money and fun work for it. I want to be a lead writer for a film, or Netflix, or something but it feels kind off hard to reach. On the other hand, if I pursue as a Computer Science graduate, even if I don't get a good creative job, I'll still be able to get goof money. But, I don't exactly enjoy writing code. Not anymore. I mean, I'm good at it and I can handle it. But, writing code just isn't what I want to be doing. But, it's essential to being a creative director in a video game industry, you know?

Help! What should I do? Are there any other jobs you can think of that are similar to making creative work for the public? I really don't know anymore.

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