I feel like I'm capable of writing decent stuff (and have much scope for improvement) but I'm just not motivated to write. As in I just don't enjoy the process.

It's mental effort and it's not interesting because while the story could be interesting to the other person it's boring to me because I can't surprise or impress myself easily however I can surprise/impress the reader.

This is also the reason I don't enjoy reading too unlike I once did. Being sufficiently imaginative, when I see a written piece of work I naturally think oh I could have imagined this too. I could have imagined better things than this. And then I'm like, but see the style of the writing. See the words used, the expressions, the emotions. Can you do that? And then I'm like no, but what does it matter. I could learn that if I wanted to. With practice. But why learn?

I might be motivated if there's an actual monetary reward for it. (Yes I know one can get paid for it but normally it isn't that much)

Here's the sum total of all I've written recently btw:

  1. Inception fan-fic (I know there's much room for expansion


  1. Deep sci-fi (dune, hyperion kind of stuff)

My personal details are on this document so I can't share it without editing them out first. If you really want I could do that.

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