I’m currently working on an urban fantasy story that includes a conspiracy, corrupt government, governing system/council that controls people who have special abilities (kind of like the Ministry of Magic), and oh the protagonist is unknowingly connected to the antagonist which will be revealed at the end as a major plot twist (I hope).

That being said, I’ve been working on this story (brainstorming and world building (not writing)) for quite some time now (a little under 2 years) and although the process is really fun and exciting, especially when everything falls into place and sounds smart, I find most of my time is spent banging my head against my desk because of how stressful it can also be. I’m quickly realizing just how big of a writing project this is turning out to be and because I’ve never written a story before it’s a bit overwhelming. I have so many notes written in so many different places, everything is scrambled and I am just now regretting not organizing it properly from the start.

Which brings me to my question, is it possible to write a story without intense world building?

My whole plan was to world build until everything is covered: character back stories, brief history of the world I’m creating, advanced technology, special abilities, political climate, etc… but I’m struggling to focus on just one aspect at a time and always end up trying to do everything at once which ultimately results in my brain being fried and me not accomplishing anything.

So I was wondering, for those of you who have written a fantasy/urban fantasy story, did you world build intensely before you began your writing? Or did you just start your writing and build your world as you went along?

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I’ve also recently opened myself up to the idea of creating a book bible/encyclopedia. Anyone ever do this? What was your experience like?

I’m a plotter so I can’t imagine doing this without heavy planning/world building first, but if this process is actually hindering my ability to begin writing then I am open to just put the world building aside (for now) and just start writing the story.

Thanks to anyone willing to help!!

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