Hi all,

I am in a creative writing class this semester, and my short story was just workshopped today.

Tbh, I’m sensitive to criticism; I tend to get defensive/angry when criticized, but I listened to everyone’s advice and critiques. And I also looked at everyone’s written responses too.

I agreed with some of the advice that I received, and I did go back and change up my story because of that. But I also disagreed with some of the advice I was given as well.

I guess what I’m trying to ask is, would it be unreasonable or stubborn of me to not apply everyone’s advice/critique into my story when going back to revise it? I feel like it is my story, and I’m the one who created it, not them, and me going back to change it the way they think it should be kind of takes away my creativity or freedom (if that makes any sense). Do you have to agree with every critique given to you? Do you have to change your story based entirely on someone else’s critique?

Thanks in advance.

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