I don't know if it's just me, and I hope it's just me. But is purism killing ideas for novels?

I got into heated argument with someone during writing my novel's rough draft. And I want to know if I should bury the hatchet or leave the group entirely. While I will be the first to admit, that this may be a bit bias, and if so please call me out on this.

My novel in question is a cyberpunk novel. Or so I thought until, my group corrected me. They told me it was not a Cyberpunk novel, but rather something different, I said that It was in fact a Cyberpunk novel. They told me my novel is not anything like normal Cyberpunk novels. That it doesn't deal with the standard Cyberpunk issues, corporate samurai, Street Samurai, Japanese flags at the local GM factory, a bleak future, cynicism, corporate espionage, etc. Overall from what I gathered was that Cyberpunk without the anti-corporatism punk philosophy and counter-culture than it is just speculative fiction, and therefore not cyberpunk.

I told them that they were focusing on all the wrong parts of the genre and that its more than that. There are many problems/issues today that a writer use for a cyberpunk novel that using the old problems is not only absurd but Illogical.

We reached an impasse and I left.

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