So I am pretty new to Reddit and all but i Think I need help on this one project…I've been working on a remake of my old novel and basically there are three characters (one main because some parts of the novel are from his POV and it is his story in general, two kinda supportive just to contrast the main but still realy distinct). Since it is the main plot point of the original novel, i had to kill off the main character half through the story (it was originally the final, but it got longer after the remake), and in the Second Half of the story, the role of the MC goes to the one of those two guys. He gets better development, motivation, backstory and everything including little, subtle connections to the main character from the first Half. So the last character the reader sees' is the one that was originally an 'underdog (well, the story is way more complicated but I Don't wanna dive deep into that rn) So, my question is, will this technique work? I mean, it wasn't an expected thing, to be honest. I just wanted to develop the characters more but the it came to me that I can use one of the three as an Author surrogate, and so it goes. Will it be interesting, or the reader Will be frustrated with seeing how I continue the story after the death of a character already emotionally bonded to the reader? Won't it put off the reader? Thanks for all the responses and sorry for my English 🙂

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