I am writing a short story for a writing contest that is based off of the Hotel California song. It is about the main character writing a journal entry about his first day there because he hopes it will help him remember the past. The beginning has him talking to others about wanting to remember, and them telling him not to. They tell him that remembering will only bring him pain and that he is lucky. This is where the cliche comes in….

What they claim he is lucky about is that he is lucky to be able to see his true self in the mirror, that he sees how other people see him. He hears them out then lies on his bed. Then using the describing self in a mirror cliche, he asks himself what is lucky knowing details like his hair color is black if he has no past.

I know a lot of people hate the describing self in mirror cliche, but is this change good enough in order to use it? I don’t want to do something that everyone has seen, especially not in a contest, so I need to make sure there is enough new.

Thank you guys so much.

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