I am really interested in getting better at flash fiction and short stories (usually around 1000-5000 words), so I've challenged myself at writing 2-3 short stories per week. I'd write more if I could but I work pretty long hours and I feel I'm dangerously close to a burn out.

That said I feel like this routine has really helped me creatively, and allowed me to explore genre's and POV's. I enjoy writing them and feel like I am improving.

The catch is that I'm planning on writing dozens of them before I go back and reread them all with fresh eyes. I will then start editing the best ones, and this is what I think might be problematic. Would I be better off revising each short story as I write them? I often hear that the editing part of writing is 90% of the work, would I become a better writer by instead focusing on editing instead of quantity over quality?

Just thought I'd gather some opinions from this helpful community 🙂 Thanks

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