Name: Weasel

Species: Anthropomorphic Weasel

Birthday: January 18, 18 BR

Home Planet: Arturia (later Aurea)

Occupation: King of Aurea, Knight of the Square Table, Man of Light and Shadow (at series end), Co-king of Arturia (briefly)

Method of Transportation: Shredder the Griffin (until Book 10)

Education: No formal education, taught everything he knows by the Knights of the Square Table

Fatal Flaw: Guilt Complex

Line he will never cross: Using the people's resources for self-indulgence

Distinguishing features: Missing his right pinky finger (it was cut off during his childhood)

Weapons: Bow of Dealanaich (basically a generic composite bow), Sword of Caliber (an iron-age Celtic longsword with magical properties that allow it to absorb the unique powers of any creature it kills or any magical object it destroys). As the series progresses, he gains access to Astral Magic and eventually Shadow Magic. Also wears a suit of plate armor with a mail hauberk underneath and carries a heater shield with fire-retardant magical properties.

Backstory: Weasel was born on the planet of Arturia in the year 18 BR (BR basically means BC in this universe, AR means AD). His father tragically died in a hunting accident four days after he was born, leaving his mother with no source of income. As such, she was evicted from her cottage in Caerbannog (Arturia's largest city). Since both of Weasel's parents were anthropomorphic Scottish Highland Cattle (Weasels and some other antrhopomorphic species are a recessive gene that can run in families) and his mother was quite racist, she only referred to him as "Weasel" despite his father naming him Hugh Muireadhaigh when he was born. Weasel would not know his real name until he was 39 years old. Once his mother was evicted from Caerbannog, she moved to the forested Wilds of Arturia, where she built her own shack and abused *ahem* raised the infant Weasel there. When Weasel was 10 years old, his mother fell ill with cancer and was unable to provide for her anymore. Since his mother provided Weasel with literally everything he had (but he did not care for her because of her abusive behavior), he sought the advice of a Leprechaun named Seamus O'Reilly that lived near him. He told him that he should steal from the druids who frequented the roads through the wilds and sell their treasures at the market, using the money to buy herbs that the Arturians thought would help his mother (O'Reilly was a tricksy Leprechaun, and he was only telling him this in an attempt to have Weasel executed so he would stop pestering him). On his way home from Seamus O'Reilly's cottage that day, he found a discarded bow near a village of lightning elves. He repaired the bow, naming it the Bow of Dealanaich, and he began using it to mug druids. This drew the attention of the Knights of the Square Table, a group of knights errant under the leadership of Arturius (Arturia's King). The Knights confronted Weasel in battle, and promptly proceeded to thoroughly crush him (slicing off his right pinky in the process). Weasel was taken to Castle Arturia for trial, where King Arturius felt bad for Weasel's abusive childhood and agreed to take him under his wing and train him as a Knight of the Square Table, on the condition that he apologized to Arturia's druids and spent five days meditating at a shrine dedicated to the Arturian Goddess Morrigan. During his time with the Knights of the Square Table, Weasel became a skilled warrior, defeating everything from bandits to Fomori Giants to Dragons, and even developing a taste for the meat of the dragons he slew. By the time Weasel was 13 years old, Arturius decided that it was time for Weasel to forge his own sword. On his way to his forge, however, Arturius ran into the Lady of the Loch, a mysterious mermaid-like spirit who lived in Loch Nimue (unbeknownst to any of them at this point, the Lady of the Loch was one of the three Fates's forms). The Lady of the Loch said she saw unparalleled potential in Weasel and presented him with the Sword of Caliber, a weapon she had forged herself for this occasion. Weasel accepted this new sword and used it in battle (with help from King Arturius's army of course) to defeat an entire army of Froudlings (a race of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Redcaps, Spriggans, and dark spirits who had beef with Arturius's royal family) that outnumbered him 6-to-1 and was besieging Castle Arturia. During his time as a Knight of the Square Table, Weasel befriended several fellow knights, but none more than Michael (the exiled heir to the throne of Ishgabangaloodoo, a planet with Star Wars-level tech in a medieval galaxy). When Weasel was 14, problems on Planet Squid forced Arturius to send the knights there to protect the stability of the entire galaxy. This was Weasel's first off-planet mission, which saw the Knights of the Square Table being used as mercenaries against an evil Zebra named Jermie. Jermie had fallen under the influence of Shadow Magic, an extremely dangerous power that had been illegal for millennia and could bend reality itself and, if unleashed, could result in the destruction of the entire galaxy. Many of Weasel's friends died during the battle, but in the end, Weasel and Michael survived. After Jermie was defeated and locked in a prison deep in Planet Squid's jungles, Planet Squid's head Witch Doctor trusted Weasel with the Key to the Jungle, the only thing that could only let Jermie out of prison, and told him to hide it somewhere it could never be found. Weasel took the key back to Arturia, but his ship had an encounter with a space whale on his way there and Weasel was forced to crashland on Aurea, a backwater planet without the magical knowledge to repair his ship. Weasel was forced to dedicate his life to protecting the Key to the Jungle, now on Aurea. Aurea was home to a race of cyan-skinned humanoids known as Guants, and Weasel eventually discovered that the Guant King, Gavicus XXVIII, was old and had no heir. Weasel befriended this king, and even got him to adopt him. Then, less than a year later, this king died of old age, leaving Weasel in charge of a planet he knew literally nothing about.

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Personality (at the beginning of Book 1): Due to the amount of time he spent as either an elite knight or a king, Weasel has become very elitist and spoiled, but remains kind-hearted. He has severe ego problems, constantly berates those around him, and is generally scornful of those of lesser status than himself. However, he was taught honor and chivalry by the Knights of the Square Table, and makes sure to follow those codes. There is also a strong disconnect between himself and the Guant culture he now rules, leading to frequent misunderstandings. Although he tries to hide it in professional settings, he does care for his people deep down, as well as the galaxy himself (hence his continued protection of the Key to the Jungle).

Question: How should I write and develop this character at the beginning of Book 1 so that the character is just redeemable enough that the audience keeps reading, but it is very clear that he is not (yet) a "good guy"?

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