My four major characters don't know each other but live in the same area geographically, within a couple of miles of each other. They each have completely different lives based on their position in society. Very similar to real life in that sense.

I want to structure my story so that each chapter switches to following a different character but at roughly the same time of day. Some external events occur during that day, which show the very different ways the same event affects different people.

Eventually they all end up at the same venue towards the end of the story, and share the action, again with varying results for each.

Does this sound like something a reader would enjoy, or is it just confusing and weird?

Would it negatively affect the flow if some characters had more words dedicated to their events, which are more dramatic/intertwined anyway? For example, two of the characters meet in the evening and their narrative becomes shared, before they all meet as a group that night.

Do you know of any books that follow this kind of structure that I should read?


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