So my work in progress (which I'm completing today) is sitting at about 140,000 words.

I'm looking to get this down to at most 130,000.

I'm wondering though if that's too much?

I'm writing YA Urban Fantasy with a high fantasy lean and voice. I also have quite a few characters who are interlinked and important for the plot, which itself is somewhat dense albeit linear.

I know that the fantasy often gets a higher word count due to world building and the audience generally expecting more of an immersive experience. So I'm wondering if this volume would mean automatic rejection from publishers or agents? Or would they see it and if they like the story, decide to work with me and then trim it?

I know that word count also affects cost in terms of printing but for example Ready Player One is about 135,000 words and I've seen the physical copy, it's not that big.

I appreciate any advice I can get.

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