I'm becoming really disheartened, which sucks because I've always loved writing. Nowadays I seem to alternate between loving it and cursing it. After almost ten years, I'm struggling with the same old shit. I still start almost every sentence with either the character's name or he/she. I still can't figure out how to vary sentence structure. When I try, it comes across awkward, i.e. if I start out with "He grinned and walked out the door" I try to change it to "Grinning, he walked out the door". Maybe I'm being petulant but that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But if I don't do that then it's all "he did this, she did that, he said this, he did this, blah blah blah".

I swear I've tried everything. I've read so many articles, posts in this sub, and watched YouTube videos. I know to show instead of tell and remember to incorporate the five senses. Yet everything I write is STILL a clunky, awkward, laundry list of actions. I try so hard to make things interesting and good but I just cannot come up with pretty sentences and decent writing like everyone else.

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