I’ve been having some issues seeing where my plot is going in my first draft, because new ideas keep popping up. This is going to be a bit of a ramble.

To sum up the plot, Adrian (the antagonist and love interest) captures Kaitlyn (the protagonist) from her werewolf pack for her rare supernatural abilities. They find out that they are soul mates, which leaves Kaitlyn to choose her side when the other packs come to rescue her and potentially risk a war if she refuses them.

I’m changing some plot conflicts which revolve around Kaitlyn and Adrian’s psychic soul bond. As a rare Universal werewolf, Kaitlyn must form an energy-sharing bond to stabilize herself and access her powers.

Before, Adrian was trying to keep it hidden, but since they flared—an involuntary, psychic reaction to finding one’s true mate—he can’t hide it forever, even though he fights against it. Now, he openly tells Edmund (the alpha of his werewolf pack) about it, which voids later conflicts about the bond.

I’m also very much leaning towards aging Kaitlyn up, as there is a good amount of sex in the story in reference to the soul bond and she is currently a teenager in the present draft. That wouldn’t look good for an adult audience if the protagonist is underage, but wouldn’t work for a YA audience either due to the sexual content. This changes the foundation of the character.

That means I’m going back to rewrite early chapters, instead of continuing with my current chapter.

New ideas aren’t a bad thing, but if they obscure your plot and you’re now lost in the forest of your own novel, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.

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So, I’m going to take a few days off from writing the story and instead write a new outline.

Except, now I’m blinded, and can’t see where the plot is going because I don’t know the foundation of the story anymore. Does Kaitlyn know about her supernatural abilities as a werewolf, or are they kept hidden from her due to suppressant drugs given to her by her parents?

This is another foundation conflict, as I had written that Kaitlyn didn’t know about her werewolf status (as a teen) due to the drugs. She also didn’t know that her parents and former boyfriend were werewolves as well.

Yet, it didn’t make sense for her to not know, because it makes everything more difficult when she does learn. I never conceived a proper justification for her not knowing, even though that conflict felt “right” for the story.

I use Kaitlyn’s new werewolf status as a foil to another character, Terry, who knew about her status as a Universal since childhood and acts as a mentor to Kaitlyn later in the story.

My friend, another writer, says that I’m working too hard to overdevelop the foundation and to just continue from the last chapter, but I can’t move forward unless everything that comes before it makes sense.

How do I move past this wall, to “see” where my story should go? Every time I go back to the outline, I’m stuck at the same point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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