I’ve written a rough outline of the story I’m planning to write and would like some opinions on it.


So I have this idea for a story, or more a character that I want to build a story around. And now I've written a rough outline of the beginning of the story and would love to hear some opinions about it, if it is at all interesting and so on.

MC=main character

Son of two thralls, ill-treated by the master in the homestead during childhood. Hard work makes him physically strong, and the parents help develop mental strength with, puzzles, games and education.

The father also teaches basic combat skills since he was captured and enslaved from another country, old battle wound prevents escape attempts.

The mother enslaved because of poverty teaches runes and rattles, but cannot actively use magic herself.

The father dies early after an accident during work.

The mother dies later when MC is in her teens as a result of severe punishment for something MC has (accused of?) done.

When MC buried his mother, he decides to take revenge on the master.

MC awaits night and sets fire to buildings and then with a spear he kills the master on the farm. Leaving the remaining thralls alive and leaving.

He has a horse and packing and weapons and travels on the roads from the farm on the way to one of the larger cities. He notices that he is being followed by a white wolf with streaks of gray in the coat, he tries to chase it off several times but does not succeed and he tries to feed it and make friends with it but does not succeed, it folds away and disappears every time but always comes back. (It is his mother in her Fylgia form who watches over him without him knowing)

He travels a few days and after making camp alongside the road for the night he is disturbed by loud voices and what seems to be fighting on the road. He approaches carefully and sees two bandits trying to rob an elderly man.He decides to intervene and he confronts the bandits and a short fight occurs.After wounding a bandit, they both flee.The older man turns out to be an Asier priest who has his own farm nearby, MC escortes the man there and is offered shelter for the night.

They get to know each other over a few days and MC confesses what he has done and the man chooses to give him shelter for a while. MC also knows the Mans maid who lives on the farm, and they come to like each other. The man becomes MCs mentor in magic and gives him basic knowledge of magic. The white wolf is occasionally visible during the stay and the man also discovers it, he knows its meaning but does not reveal it to MC yet, since it means bad to be aware of his Fylgia.

One month passes quickly and when MC is coming back to the farm after a hunt, he discovers a bunch of strangers on the farm. He quickly recognizes the two bandits who tried to rob the man a month ago, and they have gathered reinforcement.

The bandits have the man and the maid surrounded the courtyard and go through the buildings after prey. With bow and arrow, he manages to kill two of the bandits without being discovered, but is then forced to confront the remaining bandits openly.

A battle breaks out and MC kills another bandit before being surrounded and injured by the remaining bandits. The old man then steps forward and with the help of magic kills and scares off the rest of the bandits. The man then collapses, exhausted by the amount of magic he used. MC and the maid take him into the cottage and bed him down, while the maid takes care of the man MC takes care of the dead bandits. When he crosses the bodies he sees that all the bandits have the same mark engraved on the same place on their bodies, a large spider, the symbol of the god Loki, it is also the symbol of a notorious gang of bandits who put terror in the country.

The old man dies after a couple of days and again driven by anger MC decides to get revenge in the bandits and rid the land of their presence.

He spends some time recovering from his injury and then with the maid he sets off on the journey to find the bandits lair and then kill them all.

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