Hey everyone, I've been lurking on the History subreddit for a little while but don't post often. I have lived in the US for all my life, and visited outside the US once (to tour Israel while I was in high school 9 years ago). I've seen a couple posts previously about what careers are viable for folks with a history degree in the US, but I'm thinking of moving out of the country to Germany, Canada, New Zealand, or the U.K for at least a little while, at most several years. (I know it is a very wide spectrum both in terms of country and in time frame).

For the last few years I've been working for the National Park Service as a seasonal park ranger for a few different sites around the country. While this is a job I have wanted for a really long time, it is a career I can always return to later. I have a Master's degree in Public History and a B.A. in History with a minor in social studies, and was wondering how difficult it was to find a job in the field as a non-native to the country. I know jobs in stem or technology are in high demand, but I hear nothing at all about desiring foreign workers relating to history or the arts. Are there people on this subreddit who maybe have done something similar to what I am thinking of, or knows of some resources that would be helpful? Many thanks.

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