Honestly, I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this book. It wasn't as good as the first, which I absolutely loved. Although I still love the intricacy and depth of the original characters, some of them just feel so shallow to me. Take Jonathan Royce, for example. He was conveniently placed there just so Marcella could do whatever without being harmed. We know little about him besides the fact that his wife died and he's an ex-addict but he just is a plot mover who serves no real purpose other than that. It seems like not a lot of thought or consideration was placed into him or his development as a character.

Next up, the token powerful female, Marcella Riggins. I actually didn't have as much of a problem with her, she was interesting enough, we got her backstory but when you think about it, what is her motive? To take over the mob in Merit? Why? Just to stick it to those who treated her poorly? That's what we're told but that doesn't make a lot of sense considering she killed them all off anyways! She is interesting enough but after she got the revenge she wanted (killing her husband and the other top mobsters) she kept doing things afterwards which she didn't have a reason for. Why the hell is she throwing that huge party anyways? Answer: To reunite Victor and Eli. That's it. Another plot mover.

June was actually one of my favorite characters, she was honest and straightforward and pretty badass if I do say so myself. But what the fuck was up with her drugging Syd. That's not something her character would do, especially after we see how close they are. June always complains that Victor and Mitch treat her like a child then does the same to Syd. I'm sorry Victoria but if you build an entire relationship on the basis of one of the characters (Syd) wanting to be treated like an adult and finally finding that in another person (June), you can't suddenly do a 180 and all of a sudden have her FUCKING DRUG Syd. It makes no sense.

Now for Dr. Haverty. Fair enough to have an evil doctor, I appreciate that, but so little consideration went into him. He's there in the beginning, torturing Eli and we find out he's been stealing all along, then at the end, all of a sudden, without any explanation he magically developed a power suppressant? How did he even test that to make sure it worked before attacking Eli? He says after capturing Eli that he's excited to finally have a test subject and that's what Eli is going to be but I highly doubt he would have been able to develop it without having at least one EO to test it on. All he had were a few blood samples. That's it! Yet he apparently managed to create some potion that can turn any EO mortal and that potion, the untested potion formulated with extremely limited information and resources, was successful on the first try? It just comes off as lazy writing. Not to mention the fact that after the first night of being fired we don't even get a glimpse of him working on said potion.

On another note, what the hell was the purpose of the corporate suits at EON? It's just to speed up Stell's decision which we could have just fast forwarded through while he gets ever more desperate after failing to capture Victor. But Victoria thought that adding those filler pages would, for some strange reason, be a good idea. That's the only time we ever meet them and I still, after mulling over what on God's green earth could have convinced Schwab that including these characters would be a good idea, have no idea why.

This is the issue when you try to condense two books into one. Schwab has managed to under-develop characters she implies to be key and overdevelop those which contribute absolutely nothing to the plot. I admit, I did go into this book with some high expectations, but this was beyond upsetting. It was far too rushed and though the writing itself is not bad, and immediately after reading it is great, as soon as you start to reflect on it a bit more deeply you realize many of the critical errors made by Schwab, which saddens me to the core.

I give it 2.5 stars.

Anyone else want to discuss?

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