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So this story is not mine but my dads. He owns his own fairly successful business and he hired a high school kid about 9 months ago. After a few months my dad noticed that the errors from counting the till at the end of the day were high (Normally about $2K in a year and the tills were out by $2.5K in three months). So dad who is normally the last to leave waits until everyone goes home for the day and points some of the spare cameras at the cash registers.

Low and behold within a week he records Kevin stealing from the till and proceeds to fire him. About 3 or 4 months after Kevin was fired he calls me dad and asks if he would provide a reference for him for a job he is applying for. My dad responds with something to the effect of "I can if you like but I am going to be completely honest with them!" to which Kevin replies "Thanks!" seemingly unaware that being fired for stealing from your previous employer might not be something that you would want your new employer to know.

So naturally dad receives a call and proceeds to be completely honest with Kevin's potential future employer. Needless to say Kevin did not get the job.

TLDR: Kevin steals from his employer and then uses them as a reference after being fired.

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