I work in a major UK retailer of technology and appliances. I work on the front desk so I deal with exchanges, refunds, repairs, sales and general customer service queries.

Kevina comes up and slams a kettle down on the desk. "I've had this kettle for about a year and its stopped turning on." Me – "Okay, have you got your reciept?" K – "No." Stares at her uncomfortably for a few minutes Me – "Okay, I'll see if I can find it but I can't guarantee it." Kevina glances at her watch arrogantly despite the fact I'm trying to help Me – "Okay, I've found your reciept here. Unfortunately you didnt take any cover out on your kettle, and it is 14 months old." K – "yes, I know. I want to swap my kettle." Me – "well unfortunately you can't, I'm afraid. You are out of your manufacturers guarantee so we can't send it off for repair, and you didnt take our instant exchange policy out, so there's nothing I can do." K – "that's disgusting. There has to be something you can do. Its only just over 12 months old." Me – "No, as ive explained your manufacturer won't repair it." K – "I dont want it repaired. Why would I want my kettle repaired? I just want a new one." Me – "well, if you want a new kettle, you'll need to buy another one. I do apologise, but theres nothing else I can do for you." K – "well, I'll never shop here again. Its absolutely disgusting how you treat your customers. I've spent loads of money here and I'll never spend another penny."

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returns an hour later and buys another kettle

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