I was recently reminded of this incident and figured I should share here

So a few years back, I was a shift manager at a BYO pizza place (imagine subway for personal pizzas). I hated working there because the general manager was an overall hardass, but I do commend him for running a tight ship.

Anyway, Kevina was also a shift manager. She was about 27 at the time and had multiple kids between her and her current husband. She was kinda bitchy but I didn’t have to work with her super often.

Well one of the things we had to prep was chicken. Raw chicken. I’m sure most of you know that raw chicken can be hella dangerous because salmonella so we had a strict procedure for handling it. Wash hands, put on gloves, clean knife. Only use yellow cutting boards. Prep, cook, wash hands, and to clean after you had to bleach anything and everything it could have ever possibly come into contact with. Then sanitize everything after. It wasn’t hard, just kinda time consuming compared to everything else we had to prep.

Well I walk into the back and find her working with raw chicken directly on the prep tables, no gloves, with other open product on the same table.

Me: “Kevina, you need to be wearing gloves”

K: “I washed my hands first”

Me: “it’s not your germs I’m worried about. You need to put on gloves”

K: “I’ll wash my hands after”

Me: “This is a major health violation. Wash your hands now, put on gloves and make sure you bleach down when your done. You could be spreading salmonella and on top of everyone’s health, I don’t want to get written up. Please.”

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K: “Dude it’s chicken, not salmon. Chill out”


I quit a couple weeks later for some unrelated reasons but this always bothered me. I tried to make sure I was the one to prep the chicken after that incident as well.

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