Hi, so I been working on a small personal project, one of the things I need to know for that project is what was the crew configuration on King George the V class battleships of the Royal Navy (the ones used and built during WW2) I mainly want to know how many offers were in the ship and what they were in charge of, as well as how many man were in charge of reloading and aiming the guns, as well as how many points were in charge of engineering, and how many people were in charge of cooking and how many doctors were on this class of battleships; so far my research on the internet has taken me nowhere and my visit to my local library has been pointless (not a big surprise as English is not the lenguaje speak my country -by the way, sorry for my bad English- and my country naval history is basically a meme), and buying a book related to the topic is impossible at the moment as I don’t have a lot of spare money

So my only opción is visiting this sub-reddit and see if any of you has any information that can be useful, or knows of any place were I can get the information related to my question

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