I have an incredibly poor visual imagination; images are hard to grasp or hold onto, undetailed and unmoving. I've never had a movie in my head while reading or writing. Most of the time I can only see fleeting snapshots.

I also have no visual intuition. Unless a character or setting is described, I can't picture them. I would have to make a real effort every time in order to see those things.

Because of this I find action scenes especially tiring. Many climaxes have fallen flat for me since I can barely see what's happening when everything I get is descriptions of actions.

So in my writing I use a lot of visual descriptions (not exclusively, I know you should include more than one sense), focus on dialogue and the characters' thoughts rather than actions, even during more exciting scenes. It makes my own story vivid to me and it's what I love to read.

I just found it interesting discovering this about myself. My questions would be: Does anyone have a hard time with this as well? And whether you have a well-functioning mind's eye or not, do you find that it has a big effect on your reading and writing?

Source: reddit post

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