Lesser known european epic stories


Posted this on r/mythology but I'd love to hear from a bigger, more active community.

Now.. I know that the distinction between myth and epos is really hard if the myth/epos is not studied thoroughly.

I'm looking for lesser known myths/legends of (old) smaller european cultures, like for example the Ladins and their "Fanes Epos". It doesnt have to be of Homeric proportions like the Odyssey or the Edda Books, but it would help if the story had the traits of an epos (doesn't need to have all, or a lot) such as:

  • well.. Age.

  • significance for the culture it represents/represented.

  • the story tries to explain features of the terrain, history or other things pertinent to the culture.

  • (this one is more important) multiple characters/families/tribes with storylines which meet and interact.

  • maybe mythological creatures.

  • (bonus point) a cyclical storyline


So what I'm looking for is practically an extended mythological story of a european culture (alive or extinct) which doesn't just feature greek gods, greek or latin heroes or the nordic gods like thor or odin etc. I need it for research purposes and I feel that with the extreme diverse cultural landscape europe had (especially before the middle ages), there should be more to find than the famous ones we have.

Every hint is gladly appreciated!! Thanks in advance. I'm hoping for small cultures eastern europe/spain/ireland/iceland, central europe or even far oer and scandinavia.

Thanks guys!! I'd really appreciate the help

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