Hey guys!

I’ve been working on the lore for this work for awhile now. It’s going to be a D&D campaign but same rules still apply story telling wise!

How do you all tackle fantasy races? I love the classics but it’s become a kind of meme that all fantasy writers use them, and that they’re all the same.

I try to fix this, but still retain the same feel of the original characters, and I’d love to hear your different takes on the subject.

My elves have four arms and are close descendants of the fae. All of them have three eyes, and they are an inherently chaotic people, much like their gods/ancestors. My fae have no body shape and manifest themselves however they want. The elves themselves grow from the branches of sacred trees, in a “fetus fruit” (just the working name lol).

Dwarves on the other hand are on average seven feet tall. They were named by their gods, who were the last pureblooded giants. Their gods were enslaved and had their names stolen, rendering their power as gods of the physical realm gone. As a result, the dwarves have no afterlife, and float in endless darkness forever after they die. Dwarves are deathly afraid of the dark because of this, and enslaved gnomes to go deep into the mines for them, while they refine the raw materials with that legendary dwarven craftsmanship we all know them for.

My men are all fiends. In my universe, the Five Fiends represent amoral law. The fae represent the complex and emotional chaos that law seeks to control. All humans are the lowest rank of fiend, banished from the GreyFells (the demon realm) for breaking their tenants and cursed to live with the ever present fear of death.

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So those are the three I have done so far. I also reimagined a lot of traditional monsters and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

Tell me any thoughts or ideas. Feel free to leave constructive criticism too! I want this to feel real 🙂

I hope you guys have a great day!

Edit: Thank you for the detailed responses so far! This is really helping me out. I’m also loving all of the interesting races you all have made.

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