Looking for a co-writer!



I'm looking for a co-writer to help me in building ideas to flesh out a webcomic / story I'm in the process of creating. This is my first time reaching out to anyone for this kind of aid, so if you're experienced then that'll HELP, but otherwise all I'm looking for is someone I'm able to contact (preferably over discord) to build ideas and brainstorm. Since I would love for this to be a long-running relationship, it'd be cool if we get on on a personable level, too!

Since the canon focuses plenty on darker subject matter, I need someone who is open and willing to tackle the extremes of human psychology with me, since the main character and a few of my side characters go through .. a lot, and there's a lot of grey morality. Besides that, my story deals with a lot of pan-asian tradition and culture, mythology, magic, dystopian ideas, philosophy, introspection, and cool action, too!

If any of that is at all interesting to you, shoot me a message or a comment and I'll get back to you. If we hit it off, I'll grab your discord, and we'll get to chatting. Thanks for reading!

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