Hey guys, i'm interested in your opinion on a beginning of a chapter in my new project, hope you enjoy it…

Wind has carried an echoes of the wildcat’s growl through the dunes, as magnificent beast stood on the edge of the cliff breathing life into giant pile of sand and rocks scattered across great distances. Illuminated ground was reflected onto sky and sparse clouds, while Sun was touching the horizon, but despite this rhapsody of warm colors and tones, no one could have known was it sunrise or the setting, was it day or night, tomorrow or ,perhaps, end of time. Only thing that broke the monotony of this endless desert was marvelous building, almost high as a sky, opposing the Sun, far away in the distance. It shined with a 100 000 torches lighting its path to the greatest of heights, but still, it looked so insignificant compared to everything surrounding it. Somewhere, in between, two riders were slowly, but surely, approaching the absurd creation of one’s wildest imagination. Their trails were covered with even slightest breeze, forever to be lost to the great sea of sand, as they never existed in the first place. Horses were visibly exhausted, torn apart by the longest journey, but their footsteps were precise and simple, which further enhanced overarching theme of homogony. However, nothing seemed to be bothering the riders, as they prolonged their silence, patiently waiting for the inevitable. It was apparent that they haven’t talked in quite some time and that certain amount of discomfort was present between the two. Were they friends or foes, siblings or distant relatives, remained to be seen, because they weren't sure either. Still, they weren’t quick to decide, which considering the length of their trip, was a good thing. Cost of making false assumptions and claims now, would be devastating, especially here, and that is a risk they couldn’t afford. With each and every step, otherworldly structure was getting bigger, and rider’s long, brown robes were fluttering through the air like a flags. Their faces were covered with grayish, cotton scarfs and large, varnished glasses to protect them from desert’s unfriendly nature, along with light leather hats, to hide top of their heads. Most of the people would label them as bandits, and maybe that’s what they were, nevertheless, they fitted perfectly into the landscape. This journey of theirs is not a road anybody could, or should walk. Full of trials of our desires, and constant challenges of sanity and one’s will. It is railroad with no breaks, and a stream with no end, once you enter, there’s no going back. Like a curse, path forward would always prevail, and the tracks left behind would parish. Last time they took a rest, or encountered somebody, was a question of weeks, months, or maybe even years. Concept and meaning of time was absent from their lives for so long. Was it just subjective feeling, or actual fact, there was no way of knowing, but Sun was still on the horizon, as it has been – for eternity, it seems. Despite all of that, they push ahead, after all, they chose their own fates. Or was it just an illusion of choice. Either way, what they do, some may call humane, some may deem it fallacious, and to call one thinking right or wrong, would be crime on its own. Perhaps, like with everything else, truth lies somewhere in the middle…

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