I am most of the way through my umpteenth re-write/draft of a novel I have been working on and for some reason this re-write is accompanied by a slew of new ideas story lines and just more words in general. Due to thematic and temporal shifts my novel can be fairly easily be broken up into 4 or so 75k-90k stories. Each one telling the next section of the larger main plot. As it is a sci-fi drama there is bound to be an increased amount of words but I'm thinking that 280k for a never been published author can be quite problematic.

So here's my question for you Reddit, should I focus on trimming down the word count to better fit into the standard word counts that publishers and agents are looking for or should I focus on beefing up each section into a full length novel in its own right? I never had thought of them as separate stories up until this re-write and I think that is why the length is ballooning but I also don't think of myself as a GRRM or anyone so I can't see myself successfully selling off a quarter million words as my first ever novel.

Anyways, I would really like for anyone who has faced a similar problem to please give me advice as to what you've done and what you've found to be successful and for anyone who isn't in this situation but has a kind word of advice I would love to hear from you. All and all, I have a story that I want to tell (and sell) but I just don't want to do anything drastic and stupid without doing my due diligence. Thanks in advance for reading and for your help!

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