Hello, everyone!

I'm new to Reddit and thus, this sub too.

But I come seeking answers! I'm trying to write a story about two exes trying to work on a failing attempt at getting back together. It's a plot that's been near and dear to my heart for a while now but I haven't gotten around to writing yet. One reason being, I've never really had the real-life experience to back up the scenes so I don't think I can write falling out as realistically as I want to.

I have a few questions :

a.) Is this in any way a trope-y story that I should be avoiding all together?

b.) I've heard sage writing advice to never write about anything you've never experienced first hand because this will end up as bad writing. Do you agree with this? Are there any ways to work around this?

c.) Any advice on writing a slow-burn romance story in general? I want it to be raw with realistic emotion but not angsty and mopey. Is this a realistic goal? How do you prevent a romance story from getting sappy and gross?

d.) Should I just move on to trying to write something else? (Context: I haven't written in 5 years now and this plot has really been in my head, I feel like it'll be my entry-drug back into writing but my grasp of the story is so vague.

Also, recently, a movie was produced in my country that generally seems to have the very same premise and characters in my story. I haven't personally seen it, nor have any plans on watching; Nor do I have any plans on publishing my story and risk copyright strikes, but should this deter me from writing it? )

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e.) Lastly, please, if you have REAL life experiences with falling out (especially if you both didn't want to fall out) share them, and I might get some inspiration for that story!!! Be as vague or as detailed as you want. This is in no means, me asking you to write scenes for me. Think of it as a–a research interview! Hahaha.

Thank you in advance, lovely people!

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