Looking for any and everyone’s favorites from books, documentaries, and podcasts that cover any ancient history up to the medieval eras. As well as early Native American history.


Title says it all. Never posted here before and I did scroll through this sub's recommended reading list, but I'd like to know any or YOUR personal favorites in the aforementioned medias that held your attention. Also I'm on Reddit strictly mobile and though I think the reading list here was a great resource, it became a slog to scroll through.

Basically, to anyone willing to help me out, I'm going through a history hunger phase again. I love Dan Carlin's Hardcore History like a lot of people, but a lot of his stuff is only available for purchase now. So to start, which of his series are worth buying? Or which are your favorites? I got Wrath of the Khans of course, was curious what people thought of Apache Tears as that's one I'm considering.

Would love something engaging on the history of the Aztecs as well! Rome, histories of Northmen, Celts, etc. What do you guys love? What series or book did you come back to twice or three times because it was so good? I just miss the old history channel and was hoping you all might have something that can satisfy my cravings. Thank you anyone who takes the time to read this slog!

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