Hi guys, as the title suggests, I'm looking for decent articles that cover demographics in the middle ages, preferable high and late middle ages.

An introduction: I'm a historian, I teach history at a high school level but i master in political history and international relations. The last time i covered the medieval period in college is a while ago. I'm planning on making an app that students can use as a means of learning a bit more about medieval society, about guilds and trades, and to start a small discussion. For this I'm looking for articles that cover demographics in medieval towns and cities, in particular in relation to different types of work/trades, about what an average day in the week looked like, how many bakers/blacksmiths/etc were needed depending on the population size etc.

Right now I'm stuck on some introductory books that do not give me a proper in depth view of medieval urban life. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Articles, books, graphs, statistics… anything will help me a lot! TIA!

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