Looking for examples of interesting real historical events/stories to use as examples for fictional writing


I'll try to keep this brief. I have a on/off interest in writing. I think that truth is stranger than fiction and that usually fiction is best when based on real history. For example, the better part of game of thrones being based on the war of the roses.

Now, I have some themes in the story I am writing, but frankly I'm not a very good writer and I don't know much about the topics despite them interesting me.

I figure it would be doubley effective for me to read about history which is setting and theme appropriate. And I thought this would be a good place to ask people who know about history to give me a direction towards matched up reading.

I am looking for: -conflicts where the side with inferior numbers won (or any interesting conflicts where the side that seemed like it would lose managed to pull out a win) -civil wars or rebellions were loyalists to the previous monarchy/hegemony -civil conflicts where the sides were essentially one side has control of a child/minor king and the opposition also wants control of the child/minor king (meaning that neither side wants to just kill/replace the minor monarch) -more interest in medieval period or at least pre-industrial age, but I am open to anything interesting

Do you guys have any suggested reading?

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