Looking for historically accurate TV shows and/or Anime


What Anime/TV shows out there has a good amount of historical accuracy? (No movies please; Also, it's fine if it has fantastic elements, for example: Accurate medieval Europe setting and/or characters but with magic)

Preferably TV/Shows Anime where the setting is pre-modern guns please, though I won't be too picky due to the quantity of historically accurate shows being not so high so it's fine to recommend one like that anways, I say that because you go in Netflix or Crunchyroll and you wouldn't be hard-pressed to find a show with a classical era setting, but without any care for historical accuracy and just a pure focus on entertainment, and I personally can't enjoy these

if you're gonna use a historical setting at all like Ancient Rome or Medieval Europe, then place care and emphasis on it, otherwise, why bother? Just use a different setting where you won't have to worry about that and won't affect the story

It might seem weird to ask this here but (Maybe even against the rules, if so my mistake, first time posting here), I'm serious when I mean overall accurate, I don't just mean "Oh, X Anime has accurately portrayed fighting or armor" etc; I could ask somewhere like in the Anime reddit, or whatever reddit there is for TV Shows or somewhere like that but I feel like If I asked in those places, people wouldn't have much "expertise/knowledge" to verify/I doubt there would be many people with that level and type of knowledge to respond to my post right away unless I got many replies which is unlikely, or they wouldn't be so strict about their standards for the accuracy, basically I'm just more confident in people's answer here, if this doesn't belong here, please guide me towards any other place where I can ask before deleting

An example would be Hyouge Mono, which according to people, it is an accurate portrayal of Japan's Sengoku Jidai/Warring States Period (Can't confirm myself since I haven't studied it)

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