The plot summary is as follows: the MC is a master thief that, at the start of the story, pulls a job on the wrong guy. His mark is a dangerous and powerful man in the nation's military. The MC is caught and is threatened with the death of his wife and child if he doesn't pull a heist for his intended target (i.e. the military guy). The MC's kingdom and their neighbouring kingdom has been embroiled in a violent civil conflict for ages, and the MC is ordered to sneak into enemy territory with his team and steal something that will destabilize the opposing military. The story will deal with the effect of war on common people, the ethics of what the MC does and doing things for the greater good. There will be some light magic/supernatural elements.

I've been brainstorming the following titles:

– The Last Thief

– The Last of the Thieves

– No Honor Among Thieves

– The Wandering Thief

– The Devil's Rogue

– The Rogue's Crusade

– Crusade of the Corrupt

– Voyage of the Dream Stealers

Any of these stick out? Any other titles I could potentially consider?

Source: reddit post

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