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I'm looking to start a writer's group. None of my friends are writers or even big on reading, so it's not something I can really talk to them about. This group would be about gathering a small-ish group of like-minded people who could chat and instant message each other their silly ideas, progress, or whine about their writer’s block. We could be from all over the world and share our similar experiences, and if we're lucky, make some lasting friends. Read on if interested!

The program I envisioned using for this is an app called Slack. It's a mobile app and can be run from your computer as well. The great thing about it is the capacity to create "Channels" which we could use to break discussion and chatter into Plot, Characters, Ideas, Help, Writer's Block, Sharing & Feedback and so forth. We'd also have a 'General' channel which is preinstalled to just chat about general writers things, as well as a 'Random' channel which is where I would imagine the memes would live. I am, of course, open to other apps. The reason I like this one is it would allow us to keep our anonymity (if so desired) and doesn't feed into the 'social profile' of places like Google Plus or Facebook. You use an e-mail to sign up and the only person who could see it would be me (the admin). It would be nice to get to know each other a little as well. The main thing, though, is that there would be no obligations. You don’t have to read another person’s work and they don’t have to read yours, nor do you ever have to share what you’ve written if you’re just not ready. It’s a group for friendship among writers, above all else.

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If you're still interested, leave a comment answering the following, and I'll send you a PM. Or if you want you can PM me this info. I ask for this so we can try to find people who are good matches, but don’t worry if your stuff doesn’t match mine, I’m breezy. 😊 I thought we’d cap at about 10 people or so to start, with an option to expand later if all goes well. I’ll send a PM asking for more details if I think you’d be a match!

Skill level: Beginner/intermediate

Anything published?: Only on fanfiction lmao

Main genre’s when writing: Fantasy / Drama

Current word count: 83,000

Stage of writing: First draft completed, currently editing.

Themes explored in your novel: PTSD, morals vs goals, war, technology advancement, the power of nature, megalomania, abuse and assault.

Message(s): People shouldn’t be used as tools of war / If we don’t start protecting nature, nature will fuck us up.

Audience: 15 – 35 y/o, more likely to be well received by females or the lgb community (maybe!)

Top 3 favourite books: To Kill a Mockingbird, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Tuesday’s with Morrie

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