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Hi there everyone!

So as an xmas gift, a very well-meaning family member offered to set me up with the publishing house mentioned in the title. At first I was ecstatic because they work with you to finish your book and get it published. They offer weekly coaching sessions, a book talk a spot on some radio show to talk about the book, and various other things. Then some major red flags were raised.

First off, there's an up front cost of 2700CAD for the "package" my family member was planning on getting me. And now I've looked at the website and the minimum cost is approx 1000CAD. From what I understand, that's not anywhere near normal.

Second, they take 50% commission on all your online sales, but take nothing on print sales, but also they only provide you with like 25 print copies that they just kinda give to you and I think you just market yourself? It's not totally clear.

Third, I actually talked to the woman in charge and it felt like she was trying to sell me something. She even said, "well I don't want to pressure you, but this deal is only available through December." She also claims that every author/book they've worked with became a best sell, but that seems like such a lofty thing. Not even prestigious publishing houses can make that claim

Fourth, this publishing house has only published anthologies, self-help, and children's books. My book is a modern fantasy book.

So what I'm wondering is this: are my instincts right and should I politely turn down this gift? Or is this just a weird arrangement and not necessarily a scam?

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