Welcome To The Greater Marvel Universe

Let the fun begin!!!

Hello and once again welcome to the server, This is a non-toxic community of writers better yet roleplayers who share a common love for playing their favourite characters. This server takes a variety of inspirations from the very adaptations that are seen on-screen and comics but with some exception of allowing you to combine those aspects with some of your own ideas that you may have. As well as that, there are loads of detailed channels which allow you to RP in and have the fun that you can experience in the server, however one-lining and original characters are strictly prohibited.

Though this is a PG-16 server, roleplayers are still able to tell their own Marvel tale that are either constructed through storylines involved in canon or events.

Join in on the experience you hope to seek and remember “Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”

Server Link: https://discord.gg/bjYynyZ

Source: reddit post


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