What I want to try and do with this system is make a hard magic system with limitations and a lot of drawbacks. To me magic can only be really interesting if it has limitations. So in my head, a Pyromancer will only ever be a Pyromancer and the chance to burn himself from the inside out if they're to careless. It takes a lifetime of hard work and dedication to even do the most basic of spells. For instance 'Sparks' is a spell that pyromancy the Main Character months to master on his own. That pyromancy merely involves letting loose a few fiery sparks.

I don't magic to be the McGuffin or the thing that the Main Characters pull at the last minute just to get out of an impossible situation. I want it to be rules based, and it to be virtually impossible to break those rules. Heck following the rules of magic in my mind should demand you offer up an arm and a leg. There are seven types of magic humans can use. I've got a general idea of what each type can do, there limitations and the lore surrounding how each one came to be as well as influential sorcerers. The Lore is the only thing that is really concrete however.


Calliope is the Western Most Continent. In Calliope resides one of the last cities dedicated to the Arcane Arts. Orphic located in the Sorcerers County of Adrary . The reason why Orphic is one of the last cities to practice the Arts. Most Sorcerers are outcasts to the broader world, so they stick together. Once they tried to conquer the world. But failed, on multiple separate occasions. There numbers are dwindling and the neighboring nations of Adrary have taken notice.

Arcane Arts are not of this world. They were brought into our world by Seven Great Demons. Whom asked the early practitioners of the Arts to do…abhorrent deeds. In exchange for Power and Wisdom.

  1. Sultrus, Brought Pyromancy into our World. Pyromancy is to be feared above all other Arts. For Pyromancy is the closest to life, and is said to have a will of its own. If you forget to tend the flame it fades. If you feed the flame to much, it consumes you. If you kindle it just right, you can have some amount of control over it. Sultrus is the only one of the Seven Great Demons to die a natural death. For this demon found something worth protecting in the deep pits of the Earth. Man did not learn Pyromancy from , but from Sultrus's kin. Not thru a transfer of knowledge. But by combat. The Early Pyromancers stole there flames from Sultrus's kin, and passed it on from generation to generation. Until the flame withered and died. The kin went deeper and only a few Pyromancers remain.
  2. Gremory, Brought The Cries Beyond into our World. The Cries Beyond allow mortals to see into the Dreamlands, the Flow of Time, and advance our intelligence beyond normal limits. However this comes at a cost. The eyes of the caster must be pealed out of their skull and offered to Gremory. According to most religions, this process of self-blinding, usually results in the soul being damned forever. Most Sorcerers disregard this instead to achieve there ultimate goals. Be they selfish or selfless, Gremory ,gets what he desired in the end.
  3. Iblee, Brought the Cosmic Tears into our World. If there is a deity worshiped universally in every city that still holds true to the Arcane Arts, Iblee, is that deity. Many defend this demon, claiming her to have been an angel. Or at the very least a fallen Angel. It was a tragedy for most Sorcerers when she was slay by a Wayfaring Emperor who would go on to found a dynasty. A tragedy for Iblee gave man the catalyst and tools to practice the most common form of the Arcane Arts. The Cosmic Tears. A appearing as streams of Blue and Green Lights that can be used in utility, augmentation as well as the most offensive types of magic. Though this requires an absurd amount of willpower, dedication and intelligence to pull off properly.
  4. Bathomeph ,Brought Alchemy into our World. The closest the Arcane Arts cross with contemporary science. Based on Ritual Arts and the Transformation of Matter into more usable substances. Bathomeph, claimed that man could find the Universal Cure, with his knowledge. Instead, man toiled away under his thumb. Was it a surprise than that , was the first to be slain? By the bloody hands of Alchemists no less?
  5. Grilee, Brought Blood Magic into our World. Foul was his blood. Foul was his Magic. Grilee , sought to devour mankind whole through the blood. But failed. His body ruined. , became a twisted disease that infects the blood stream. The Red Revenge. Grilee, lives on thru his few scattered and dedicated practitioners. Most who practice the Art of Blood Magic are shunned even by the broader Sorcerers they once called kin.
  6. Ragoth,Brought Illusions into our World. The Father of Illusions was an illusive figure in his own right. Most of Arts involves manipulation and mind-games. Being the brother of , magic is designed for defense rather than offense. As such, his magic appears in brilliant golden sparks. Requires an a lifetime of dedication to master even the basic illusionary spells.
  7. Amodeus, Brought the Dark Arts into our World. She is the subject of many stories, myths, and legends. According to Leodric the Iron Swordsman, she is the Demon that his lineage must hunt until she is vanquished from all corners of the Earth. The Dark Arts are a parody of the other forms of Magic. Usually resulting in what the 'Court of Invocation' consider the 'Forbidden Sorceries'. Spells that take a great deal on all life in the surrounding area of affect. The person casting in the dark arts will usually see visions of Amodeus, tempting the user to use Darker and Darker Magic. Until finally, the caster will fully commit themselves to Amodeus, and became a twisted shell of there former self. Amodeus is the only Demon of the original seven whom still roam this world. Orchestrating and manipulating events for some malefic purpose.
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