I keep reading advice that says your best move would be to just write your first draft, even if it's awful, because writing a finished awful piece is better than it being unfinished. I know the first draft will be awful. The problem is I have recently had an epiphany about the direction of my story and some major changes that I want to make. I have written the first 2/4, and the last 1/4, with a chunk missing right before the big ending. I know what I want to write there, and I know I need to write it so I can finish the draft. But my story is starting to make no sense because of all the changes and additions I want to make. I created an outline (yep this late in the game) so I could be more organized with my plot and have noted the sections I need to go back and add as well as sections I need to remove. Should I just finish writing the missing part and let the first draft be a mess before I embark on a rewrite?

It wasn't until I had written and edited most of my book that I learned the "don't edit as your write" tactic and I now wish I had never done that. My book's tone, plot, even character voices are all over the place!

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