Hi everyone! This is my first post in this subreddit, and I wanted to suggest you my favourite book, which is Siddharta, by Hermann Hesse. It’s a pretty old novel (first published in 1922) and it’s the novelized story of Siddharta Gautama who, according to the buddhist tradition, was the first man to reach the enlightment and become a Buddha. I studied Chinese language, culture and economica at university, so I’ve been fascinated with Oriental culture for some time. During one of my first “Chinese philosophy and religion” classes, my teacher said that this book completely changed his way of seeing life. Being such a strong thing to say, I wanted to check, and I was “enlightened” (not in a Buddhist way, of course). What I loved the most about this book was the evolution of the protagonist. Through a long journey that went through many cities, people, experiences, feelings and questions, you can’t help but follow this adventure as if you are the one who is travelling and searching for your way towarsa self-discovery. When he describes cities and places you feel like you’re seeing them, when he presents friends and people, you feel like you’re knowing them as well. When he describes experiences and feelings, you feel you’re living the same things he’s living. And finally (and most importantly), when he asks questions to himself, it’s like he’s also asking “And what about you? What’s your answer?” Reading this book, I felt I was his travelling companion in his solitary journey. I hope you liked what I had to say about this book, and that you’ll give Siddharta a chance to amaze you. Maybe this could be your starting point for a passion in Oriental culture like mine. Have a nice journey!

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