My final project for a fiction writing got decimated in peer review but I feel great because of it


To preface, I'm a senior in college. I've written a little but never decided to do it as other than a hobby. The final project is a ten page short story that's peer reviewed by the whole class in front of you. In the end, I had half a page of what was good and three full pages of what was bad/needed to change/new ideas for the future iteration. I wanted to cry in class as one guy went off with "there's no real setting. Your characters aren't strong except maybe one. I don't think you knew what you were talking about. There's no real stakes." Owie.

I'm hurt but the reason I received all these is because I feel it'll make me a better writer. What would I have gained if I hadn't been told all this? A 75 % on the project. Getting destroyed by the class, I think, seriously will have helped in my writing process. I've already got a ton of ideas for what to do next. Thanks for reading

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