I had this friend in high school. His grandpa was a marine and he was determined to do the same. There were a few problems with this.

First of all, Kevin was out of shape. Which is something he needed to work on to succeed in any branch of the military. He had always been rather chunky but was convinced this would fix itself.

Second, Kevin was not simply dumb. No he was beyond inept, made worse by the fact that Kevin thinks he is a genius. The marines have the lowest score ASVAB requirement for acceptance, of a 32. Kevin consistently scored a 10. He “studied” for years and kept retaking it multiple times a year, and still could not get above a ten. Five years after high school, still has not been able to improve his score.

Third, Kevin knows everything. In fact, whatever your profession is, he knows more about it than you. If you are a history teacher, he will interrupt class disagreeing with you. Kevin has never heard of the alamo and denies its existence. It doesn’t matter if you are in the military, Kevin knows more about your job than you do. If you are an engineer, Kevin knows more about math and physics than you. Most people give up on arguing with Kevin fairly quickly.

Edit:Edited for clarity and grammatical errors.

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