So this is the main character for a book I’m working on, and yes, it’s a goblin.

Goblins aren’t stupid in my World, and they Can grow to 1,20 meters in height. But they are discriminated against by pretty much everyone.

He is a mercenary, morally grey and deadly smart. Enemies undermine him for his size but that leaves them open to easily Fall into the clever traps he has put in place. He also uses a wide array of tools and poisons to carry out any mission.

Socially he hates the elves, just as much as they hate him. He does dangerous jobs they don’t want for free, just to show them he is better than them. He is sociopathtic and socially inept, caused by a history of trauma. At the same time he is distrusting of people, again because of his history. Though he is sympathetic to those who suffer the same Way he did.

Overtime he will slowly be more open, and find some companionship he really needed

Until it get’s taken away from him, but that’s another topic.

So What you think? Have I cooked up something good?

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