Hi all!

I have a WIP that was romantic suspense and is now not romantic anymore, haha. I am totally confused on mystery subgenres and googling isn’t helping.

What sub-genre would a novel fall under if it has an amateur (in this case, a therapist) pursuing an investigation that the police are ignoring/not taking seriously, that includes graphic violence and scenes from the bad guy serial killer’s POV? I would like to extend it to a series where she takes on other cases in sequels with a similar theme. Are there mystery subgenres that have horror-level gore along with amateur detectives? The character is a Lesbian, is LGBT a subgenre in mystery also?

Planning to self publish, as I’ve done some romance in the past that way. I would welcome any suggestions of books to read on mystery, as it’s a new genre for me but I like this idea a lot and am having fun with it. Is there an active mystery writing subreddit at all?

Thank you so much!

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