So I have it that the MC and his newly married wife are now living together and also just got a puppy in their home. One day their home is intruded by some goons who the MC has no idea why they attacked him and his wife and also shot their dog. They torture him with drugs for interrogation while they attack his wife, MC goes into unconsciousness and as they are about to kill him the wife fights back, dismantling all the goons accept two or three get away. It so happens that the wife as an ex assassin in her past life and the MC had lost memories of his previous life which he was also an ex assassin but she didn't want to remind him of the past. As he comes to consciousness and all badly beaten and fatally injured with the drugs still in his system which then acts like some kind of A.I system in his body gone rogue, convincing him to get his vengeance, he sees how destroyed everything looks, with a few dead bodies of the intruders scattered about, the wife gone missing with trail of blood with a note left over saying "I'm sorry had to go, can't explain it right now" meaning that she probably left him a note and had to leave.

Would that take away the suspense and let everyone know that she had left for unknown reasons? I want the MC to assume something bad has happened to her like she was killed or kidnapped by the bad guys so if I just leave it with no note and make it seem like for the MC that she was taken or killed then the readers will get turned off and think it's just another damsel/fringing kidnapped/killed wife which we find out later it's not. How can I keep the readers from thinking from that but at the same time make it seem like something bad happened to her? That would be a major motive for the MC wanting to get revenge for his missing wife and uncover who sent those bad guys and what his past memories were. the letter would work and let everyone know she and left him for unknown reasons but it then loses it's suspense that we know she's ok. How do I make it that she left but we the readers and MC assume she is dead or held hostage somewhere?

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The MC has a few motives, one his to find his missing wife that he has no idea what happened to her and get revenge on what they may of done to her, get revenge for what they did to his dying dog which he brings to a safe place, uncover his past and deal with this drug that was used in him which acts like a A.I counterpart with a rogue system in him convincing him to go vigilante on the baddies.

This brings me to the dog. If the wife cared so much about him and the dog and fought off the bad guys, would it make her seem cold and heartless just to leave the MC suffering unconscious there and leave the dying dog there while she takes off? It would make more sense if she ran to their aid to help them somehow right? Just leaving their injured or possible dying bodies there would seem pretty heartless right? What would be a good idea to make it so she's not just leaving them to suffer in pain like that?

does it also make the wife seem very weak as she could of prevented the goons from shooting their dog and torturing the MC? does she seem less capable that she could of easily prevented that from happening if she's so skilled at what she used to be an ex assassin?

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