I'm writing a portal fantasy-ish story. In my story, there are two protagonist: Eliza and Gregory. The story is mostly told through Eliza's perspective but the story revolves around Gregory

Eliza is a gifted girl who came from a rich family but they were abusive (for example, physically hitting her after she got into a fight, or leaving her till 8am because she was late for their pick up) , she never had chances to socialize because of their focus her academic success. This, however, left her empty inside and her anger issue starts to develop. Eliza's mannerism is polite and frank on the outside, but her she loses her cool pretty easily and sometimes had a burst of anger that is borderline violent, which she would later regret when taking time for reflection. Despite this, when she is still calm she is nothing short of a genius, both academically and batlle-wise. She takes things logically, always plan what is best outcome and is always a step ahead of the enemy. She is the person who sometimes hold gregory's ego back and bring him to think about the big picture

She ran away from home to live in the poor suburbs of Manchester as a common street chav, living day to day doing shady stuff like selling weed and stealing just to keep on living because she really had no choice. During this time, she was also extremely depressed as well due to her completely giving up on life. She would often spend an entire night surfing internet at her apartment til 4am, overcame with alcohol and cigarette addiction. She sometimes will take a late night stroll around the neighborhood whilst contemplating about her life and what could have been. Basically, a stereotypical r/doomer before she is transported to another world

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Another protagonist, Gregory is a sunlight paladin who's the leader of the group. Very proficient in the use of sunlight energy which her can transform into lightning or use to heal people. He is an orphan boy who was raised in a mega church. During his early teen years, he took the job of a courier of the church at he age of 10, delivering messages of the churches throughout the empire. Because of his strict religious upbringing, he was discouraged from his ambition to be an adventurer and making fame for himself. So when he was old enough to be independent, he set out to chase his dream. When he met Eliza, he took an instant liking to her for her ballsy escape when he rescued her from the barbarian camp and request she and him form and adventuring party.

Along the journey, they also are joined by other adventurer as well. He is the person who strung the member of the group together. He can be active and goofy at times and somewhat took too much of a straightforward approach to problem. His self-centered worldview could make him blunt at times, causing him to be mistaken for an egotist douche when he clearly didn't want to hurt anyone. He is also somewhat of a foolhardy bloke, letting his sense of righteousness get ahead of grand scheme of things such. However, he can be very serious when situation comes to dire and has unbreakable resolve. He is described to have the an aura that shines as bright as the sun itself

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Later on in the story, Eliza will starts to develop a crush on Gregory (which she is not entirely sure if it's platonic or romantic or something else entirely). She basically sees him as a "sun" or a light in her life that gives hope

As you can see both of these characters have duality between them, like yin yang, red oni blue oni etc. How should I show the reader their duality without stating it outright? How do you think these two character would fair with each other?

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