Need help creating a recurring cataclysm to drive the plot of an episodic story I’m writing


Okay, so here's what I've got so far.

This is a medieval, low-tech world. There's magic, and it's definitely gonna be the origin of the cataclysm. The cataclysm occured after a group of humans established a colony on a newly discovered continent full of natural resources and beauty. They expanded too far too fast, devastating the natural environment of the continent. Think of this cataclysm as mother nature's response to their expansion, but was ultimately incited by a misguided human wizard/witch of some kind. I want the plot of my story to be similar to that of the Divine Beasts arc from BOTW, but on a larger scale, where the protagonists have to beat or conquer a certain objective related to the cataclysm in order to stop it, but it still occurs multiple times as the story unfolds, forcing the characters to struggle for survival. I was thinking that the cataclysm came in the form of giant beasts that awaken every month or so, rampage about killing humans and restoring the natural environment with some sort of magic, but in a number such that they aren't able to instantly wipe out all of humanity and that the series can last for a decent amount of time before the characters reach the "final boss".

I like this idea, but I'm not sure if it's sustainable enough to last for something like 20 chapters or "episodes" without becoming boring or repetitive while also making sense in regards to the world in which the story unfolds.

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