I read the above article today about Nelson Algren's last year or so of life. If you're a fan, it's fascinating. According to this account, Algren said the following of Herman Melville:

"Now, Melville was crucified by the critics for Moby Dick. Banished. When he was over 80, he died working as a customs inspector in Brooklyn for less li than ten bucks a week. Melville’s son, though, got rich in New York City. He rang his father’s doorbell one night, and when the old man opened the door he shot himself in the head. Hemingway never had those problems. "

Does anyone know what he's talking about regarding the next to last sentence? Did that really happen or is Algren being hyperbolic? The quote is from the 12th paragraph of the fourth section if you want the whole context. I Googled it but quickly gave up. I thought some Melville-heads here might know.

Source: reddit post

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